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Jewish Education Programs

*Please note that Partner prices are for renewing partnerships for the 2020/21 year*

There are two prices for each program.  

Families participating in our Partnership Program get reduced rates on our education programs as well as other programs.  There are non-partner and Partner prices listed for each class below.

To learn about our Partner Program, go here.

 Elementary Ages - Currently offered two Sundays per month

Cool Shul has a “Cool School”  two Sundays per month for children in grades 1-5 (and mature kindergarten students) from 9:30-11:30 am.  All classes will be held virtually until we are past the Covid-19 crisis.  When we do meet in person again, it will be on the Westside of Los Angeles.  It is a mixed-age environment, and the group is led by Rabbi/Cantor Diane and Jack Fargotstein.  Each session we learn Hebrew letters, a bit of modern Hebrew, and explore part of the calendar or focus on our annual theme.  We engage in experiential learning with hands-on activities, games, and Tikkun Olam (healing the world) projects.  We will be as hands-on as possible even while virtual!  Our goal is to teach your child the universal lessons that are the fabric of Jewish practice... how this structure can help remind us to be better humans and take better care of one another and the world.  We don't teach rules or laws as traditions and things to follow, but to interpret and make ones own.

This year our theme will be building a Shabbat service and prayer book from scratch, where the students choose all the melodies, and create artwork, poems, and descriptions of each element of the book.

$925 (non-partner price)/$525 (partner price)

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Middle School Ages - Pre-B-Mitzvah - Currently planned for Monday afternoons

Cool Shul also offers Judaica and Prayerbook Hebrew study for students who are pre-Bar/Bat Mitzvah in grades 5 through 8 (or earlier if you want it!) on Monday afternoons from 4:00-5:30 pm. These sessions are with Rabbi/Cantor Diane and Jack Fargotstein and will take place virutally until we are past the Covid-19 crisis.  When we do meet again we will meet on the Westside of Los Angeles.  We are using a combined on and offline hybrid Hebrew series to dig deeply into the language of Jewish prayer as we start thinking about leading services as a B-Mitzvah!  We also explore Torah stories, holidays, and a variety of Jewish themes as the Elementary class does,  but we explore them with a little more maturity as we inch toward adulthood. 

$1325 (non-partner price)/$825(partner price)



Which brings us to…

B-Mitzvah Program! (we call it B-Mitzvah to make it gender neutral)

Because we are a small organization, we can create a B-Mitzvah experience that is completely personalized for your family.  Rabbi/Cantor Diane will discuss with the B-Mitzvah and his/her family what their hopes and dreams are for the service and for the process of learning. Together they create a learning plan and ceremony model that is illustrative of the family’s goals for this unique demonstration of learning.  Students study with Rabbi/Cantor Diane and Jack Fargotstein weekly for one year prior to a mutually chosen Bar/Bat-Mitzvah date.  All study sessions take place currently online.  We will meet on the Westside of Los Angeles after the Covid-19 crisis.

$4900 (non-partner)/$3900 (partner price)



Post B-Mitzvah - Two sections, one for middle school students, one for high school students - Currently planned for two Monday evenings per month.

For students beyond Bar/Bat-Mitzvah, we still gather together for learning activities and modern Hebrew study, as well as for discussions about current events from a Jewish point of view and related Tikkun Olam activities.  

$700 (non-partner price)/$400 (partner price)


To see the High School Dates click here

To see the Middle School Dates click here


If you have questions about any of these programs, call or email Rabbi/Cantor Diane at 310-745-4578 or to chat and get registration information..

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