Experiential Jewish Education

Grades 1-6

Currently offered two Sundays per month

Cool Shul has a “Cool School”  two Sundays per month for children in grades 1-6 (and mature kindergarten students) from 9:30-11:00 am.  We are excited to be in-person, back at our Mar Vista location.  It is a mixed-age environment, and the group is led by Rabbi/Cantor Diane and Irina Gorovaia.  Each session we learn Hebrew letters, a bit of modern Hebrew, and explore part of the calendar or focus on our annual theme.  We engage in experiential learning with hands-on activities, games, and Tikkun Olam (healing the world) projects.   Our goal is to teach our children the universal lessons that are the fabric of Jewish practice... how this structure can help remind us to be better humans and take better care of one another and the world. We don't teach rules or laws as traditions or actions we have to follow, but to interpret them and make our own.  Many of our students are from interfaith families, and we honor the diversity within them.

This year our theme is Jewish Lifecycle, where the students create a sock baby to take through a lifetime and learn about Jewish traditions like birth, baby naming, spiritual education, B-Mitzvah, marriage, illness, and (in a gentle way) death (don't worry, no sock babies will be harmed during this lesson, and they will survive!).

$925 (non-partner price)/$525 (partner price)

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