B-Mitzvah Program!

(We Call it B-Mitzvah and Take the Gender Label Out)

At Cool Shul, we don't believe in simple rote learning of prayers, or that every service should be the same.  Our students study with our spiritual leader, Rabbi/Cantor Diane, from the beginning.  Students have the opportunity to explore the prayerbook, Torah, and the world with their Rabbi from day one.  Our services are musical and personalized, narrated by the incredible thoughts of our students, and they can be traditional services or wildly creative depending on the desires of the students and families (ask Rabbi/Cantor Diane about the famous lego movie sermon!).  Students are encouraged to choose from various melodies and versions of prayers, including Humanist poetry, or create their own!  For interfaith families, we equally honor the members of the family who are not Jewish, and they are invited to participate fully.  Our students study with Rabbi/Cantor Diane and Irina Gorovaia weekly for one year prior to a mutually chosen B-Mitzvah date and location.  All study sessions can take place either at our offices in Santa Monica or online. 

$5200 (non-partner)/$4000 (partner price)


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