Partnership Program

As we navigate another year through the Covid-19 crisis, it has never been more important to support the communities and non-profits that support our lives.  Your support will help us as we plan for when we can be together again. 

We do not have required memberships to be a part of our programs.  Donating monthly is a choice, which means we need families to choose Cool Shul as something important enough to support.

Becoming one of Cool Shul's Partners demonstrates your commitment to our mission of open-minded, accepting Judaism while gaining some benefits for yourself.

With an annual commitment of $100 per month (or a single donation of $1200 per year) you will not only do something great for Cool Shul, but you will also have access to...

  • Reduced prices on tickets for the Holy Days 

  • Reduced tuition for our Elementary, Middle School,
    B-Mitzvah and Post B-Mitzvah programs

  • Reduced prices on other programming like:

  • Our Passover Seder

  • Upcoming Adult programming

And of course you will have access to...

Rabbi Diane for your lifecycle events, be they joyous or stressful

(okay, Diane is there for you no matter what, but this way you won't be asked for a donation!)


You can also sign up to be a partner when you purchase High Holy Day tickets, or when you register for one of our classes.

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Thank you so much for becoming a partner or

renewing your partnership for the year 5782.

Only with your support can we afford to sustain our community and

bring you our unique vision of Jewish education and

practice during this most difficult time.