Shabbat and Holidays

We gather for

*Shabbat evening dinners

*Shabbat morning learning sessions
*Hanukkah celebrations
*Simchat Torah and Sukkot
*Passover Seder
*Purim Celebrations

*Tu Bishvat Seder

See our calendar below for what is coming up!

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Passover Plate

Hanukkah 2021

November 28, 2021 | Kislev 24, 5782

For 8 nights we create light in dark spaces and ask ourselves, how can I share my light with the world?  Thank you for sharing Hanukkah with us in the park.  We had such fun making candles, getting Hanukkah manicures and Israeli dancing with you!

Simchat Torah/Sukkot 2021

September 21 | Tishrei 15, 5782

This year after Simchat Torah Shabbat, we watched the documentary Before the Plate together in which a famous Canadian chef followed every ingredient on one of his plates back to the farms -- connecting us to land, nature, harvest, and food for Sukkot!

Passover 2022

April 16, 2021 | Nisan 15, 5782

This year we did a study of Moses' life and learned about all the things most people don't tell you about his journey in the story!


Every year the students in our Jewish Education program make us laugh and celebrate the joys of taking a break from ourselves for a day.  They create Purim shpiel movies to share live or online.  Here is a trailer from one of the favorites!